How do I setup my Mothership retailer account?

If you're a retailer and you're entering into a drop shipping partnership with a supplier that uses Mothership, you'll need to setup a retailer account on Mothership in order to place orders with the supplier and get access to their product feeds. 

For Shopify customers:
If you're a Shopify customer, you can install our Mothership Connect app in the Shopify app store that will integrate your shop with your Mothership supplier for you. Please check out our  tutorial on how to install the Mothership Connect app for more information. 

For customers that use another ecommerce solution:
You will need to create a retailer account on our Mothership portal if you use another ecommerce platform, or would like to use a 3rd party service to handle the integration, or would like to build a custom integration yourself. Please follow the instructions in order to set up your retailer account.


You received an email from Mothership, similar to the one below, when your retailer invited you to connect to their Mothership account. You will need the invite key, outlined in the red box in the image below, in order to connect to the supplier. Please make sure you have that key before you begin.

Creating a retailer account

The first thing that you want to do is visit You should load the page below. 

Fill out the registration form with your email address, your company name, and a password. After you click next, you'll be taken the screen below. 

Enter the invite key that was included in the invite email (inside the red box in the first image on this page) and then click 'Submit'. Mothership will then connect your account to the supplier's account.

On the next page, you'll be prompted to enter in the payment information you want to use for this supplier. Mothership uses  Stripe Connect to store your credit card details on behalf of the supplier. When you place an order with the supplier, the supplier will charge the card you have on file. Importantly, because of the way credit cards are stored in Stripe, you will have to re-enter your card information for each supplier you connect to.  

Once you enter you credit card information, you'll see it stored on the supplier configuration page. 

Now that you're connected to your supplier, let's look at how you get access to the supplier's product feed.

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