How to add a fulfillment service to a delivery profile

Mothership creates a fulfillment service for each of the suppliers you connect with through the platform. As part of that process, Shopify creates an associated fulfillment location for each fulfillment service. Unfortunately, Shopify may not automatically assign the new locations to a delivery profile. Accordingly, you may need to assign the created fulfillment location to a delivery profile in order for your customers to check out.

How do I know if this applies to me?

Try to checkout with a single product from each of your Mothership suppliers. This guide applies to you if you receive the following error message when prompted to select a shipping rate.

If you are able to select a shipping rate (see image below), then you do not have the issue we are trying to address and can ignore the rest of this guide. But please contact if you have any concerns.

The problem

Customers cannot checkout if a product associated with a fulfillment location is not assigned to a delivery profile. Customers will see the error message below during checkout.

If we look at the shipping settings in the Shopify admin (Settings -> Shipping and delivery), we can see that there are 2 locations that do not have rates assigned under the General shipping profile.

If you click on the Manage button for the General profile and then scroll down on the next page, you can see there are two Mothership locations that are not associated with this delivery profile.

The solution

Click the Add rates link next to a fulfillment location and then make the appropriate selection from the popup modal.

Use the same rates

Here you tell Shopify to use the rates already setup and associated with one of your other locations. This is the easies option, but it also means that you are not adjusting the shipping rates if Mothership items appear in the cart.

Create new rates

You can also create new rates. If you choose this option, you'll need to also configure shipping zones and associated shipping rates.

You can retrieve the locations your suppliers ship and the associated shipping rates from the suppler configuration page in Mothership Retailer.

How do I know that it worked?

Once you've assigned a fulfillment location to a delivery profile, you can test to make sure everything works by making sure you can select a shipping method when you try to checkout with an associated Mothership product.

I need help. What do I do?

Please contact Mothership support at

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