The Mothership Market

The Mothership Market

The Mothership Market is a list of suppliers on the Mothership platform and whom are looking to enter into drop shipping partnerships. To view the current list of suppliers, click on the Market link in the Mothership drop down in the top-right-hand corner of the Mothership Connect app. 

On the next page, you'll see a list of the suppliers on Mothership. You can filter this list by product category. To view additional information about the supplier, click on the details button on the right side of the listing. 

The listing page gives you a link to their store where you can view their products. Often, supplier will link to their retail store. This can often mean that not all products may be offered through Mothership, and the prices listed in the retail store will frequently be much higher than those offered through Mothership. 

Once you find a supplier that you want to partner with, reach out to them via the contact method listed under the "Contact Details" section of the supplier's listing page. Generally, you'll want to introduce your self and tell them a bit about your business. If the supplier is interested, they'll send you an invite to connect with them on Mothership. The invite will arrive by email and will contain a key that you need to connect your two accounts on Mothership. For further information about connecting with a supplier, checkout this tutorial:

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