Setting product prices


Mothership makes it easy to markup the prices of products over the supplier's wholesale price. There are two different ways to markup prices: 

Default Markup:  The default markup is the value that is applied to all imported products from this supplier and makes it so you don't have to specify the markup for each product individually.

You can set the default markup on the supplier's configuration page. Click on the Mothership dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the app, then select Suppliers, and then click on the Manage link next to the supplier you want to configure. You'll be taken to the supplier's configuration page. Scroll down until you get to the Imports and Margins section similar to what is in the image below.Enter in the default markup in the field next to the top red arrow in the image above. You may also want to track pricing changes with the retailer, which can be done by selecting the appropriate option in the settings next to the bottom red arrow in the image above. If you want your prices updated when the supplier update's their prices, you can choose to have your prices be marked up by the default markup and product markups. Alternatively, you can track the supplier's retail price (MSRP). 

Product Markup: The default markup can be overridden at the product-level, so you do not need to markup all of the products imported by the supplier by the same amount. To configure product's pricing, find the product in your Shopify admin panel by clicking on the Products option in the left-hand menu and the browsing or searching for the product. Once found, click on the product's title to navigate to the product's configuration page. Next, click on the More Actions button on the top and select Manage in Mothership (see image below). You'll then be taken to the product's configuration page in Mothership. Here you can see the product's cost to you and the MSRP. You can also set a variant-specific markup by entering in a percentage in the fields highlighted by the red box in the image below. No value in the box means that you want to use the default markup. Markup Formula - Mothership uses the following formula for the markup: 

Retailer Retail Price = Supplier Cost * (1 + markup)


Supplier Cost = 10.00
Markup = 30%
13.00 = 10.00 * (1 + 0.3) = 10.00 * (1.3) = 13.00

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