Default Surcharge

You can add a Default Surcharge to your products price. It will be added to the price after the markup is applied, so whatever value you place in this field will be passed through directly to your customer. You may want to do this to accomplish the following goal:

  • Have your suppliers shipping cost included in the price your customer pays, and still offer the product in your store as "free shipping".

The role the Default Surcharge plays in the Product Price is perhaps best explained with an equation (and remember your order of operations, pard'ner):

Wholesale Cost  x (1  -   Default Relative Markup) + Default Surcharge = Product Price


  1. From your Shopify Admin, go to Apps.
  2. Click Mothership Connect.
  3. On your Mothership Dashboard, find the supplier that you want to set a Default Surcharge for and click Manage.
  4. Scroll down to Default Surcharge, in the Import & Settings section.
  5. Enter a value in the Default Surcharge field and click Save. 
  6. Mothership will begin updating product prices for all the products you've imported from the supplier.  It may take up to 2 hours for all updates to take effect. The Default Surcharge and the currency it is denominated in can also be edited in the  product export CSV.

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